The Indigocard is officially issued by the Celtic Bank, a private bank based in Utah. As a small card issuer it provides legitimate offers to the relevant cardholders, Celtic Bank is not among the issuers who have their name in the J.D. Power.

However, the official Genesis FS card services maintain the IndigoCard Login accounts for legitimacy and authenticity. This is a legitimate group that deals with customer services and facilities issues. Like the cardholder, the official Genesis F.S. card services were not included in the J.D. Power 2019 list by the committee.

Compared to several competing cardholders, Indigo has a low, fixed credit limit of $ 300 with no known method of increasing the credit limit. This lower limit makes the IndigoCard Platinum Mastercard for those cardholders who want to increase their credit scores than those who really want to use it for online and offline transactions.

All the cardholders can contact the official customer service representatives using secure messages or by calling 1-866-946-9545 during the office hours. However, the customer services are only available on certain days and not 24/7, as most cardholders do not have issues.

These limited service hours can make it difficult for the customers to get help if you have questions or problems when the exhibitor is not available at the time of the call.

All the cardholders should remember this before applying for an IndigoCard officially at the official website Many of these cards for the cardholders with credit problems, the Indigo Platinum Mastercard has a high annual percentage rate compared to others.

With these charges, the Indigo Card is less ideal for those who want to keep the credit, since interest charges increase quickly. It also reduces the value of the card to create a relevant credit history, since maintaining all the credit consumes more than your credit limit.