Our Verdict

The IndigoCard has no annual fee and offers rewards an several other transactions cashback. At the IndigoCard Login, get a 2% cashback with up to $ 1,000 at once in combined restaurant and gas rates per quarter and 1% discount on all other purchases and online payments.

All the cash back rewards and offers you earned in your first year as a cardmember, doubling the rewards are counted in the credit ratings and also in the scores. With the IndigoCard Mastercard, the rewards can really increase. Suppose you spent $ 5,000 from the IndigoCard the first year as a cardholder $ 1,000 at gas stations and restaurants and also at supermarkets.

Cardholders also get a $ 90 bonus year-round and $ 80 for gas and food costs and $ 10 for multiple purchases. The IndigoCard credit card offers displayed on the website are from credit card companies, for which ThePointsGuy.com receives compensation.

Such compensation may affect how and where products appear on this website including, for instance, the card order in which they appear at the portal. This website does not acquire all the credit card companies and all available credit card offers at Indigo Card Pay. For more relevant information, see the official page on advertising policies.

Since a deposit at the IndigoCard is required, OpenSky Secured Visa is much easier to qualify for the Petal visa and relevant benefits, and the APR for purchases is much low. However, the card also has a $ 35 annual fee, which is deducted from the credit limit.

Now, the cardholders with the Discover Refund game receive $ 180 in cash this first year who actively performed online and offline transactions. If you are still planning to subscribe to the IndigoCard Login, you should view the card primarily as a short-term tool to increase the credit ratings that can be used to increase your credit scores at the IndigoCard Login portal.